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6 month old Hungarian Vizsla puppy amazing dive!

6 month old Hungarian Vizsla puppy amazing dive!


I'm from: United States, VA (edit) and

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Originally from Hungary, the Vizsla, also known as the \

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Dogs 101 Visla

This majestic looking breed comes odor-free WOW imagine you can take thise dog a bath for 1 to 4 years.

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Funny and Cute Vizsla Dog Videos 2017 - Funny Dogs Compilation

BUY NOW: https://luxbrand.co/ OR https://int.luxbrand.co/ ▻Subscribe for new video: http://goo.gl/Koxcb0 ▻Fanpage: http://goo.gl/8JZskX ▻Thanks For ...

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Oscar - Hungarian Vizsla - 2 Weeks Residential Dog Training

Trained by Verity Escott - www.adolescentdogs.com.

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Top 10 Most Amazing Facts About Vizsla - Hungarian Vizsla

Top 10 Most Amazing facts about vizsla - hungarian vizsla - hungarian vizsla puppies Created in Hungary to work as a pointer and retriever, the hungarian vizsla ...

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The road to hell - hungarian vizsla - Chile


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Hungarian Vizsla wins Best In Show at Crufts 2010 | Crufts Classics

Subscribe to Crufts: http://bit.ly/CruftsSub Sh Ch/Aust Ch Hungargunn Bear It'n Mind, the Hungarian Vizsla wins Best in Show at Crufts 2010 ...

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Funny Hungarian Vizsla Puppy


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Lazy Vizsla really doesn't like mornings...

Oscar the dog being woken up by the alarm on Monday morning. Watch Oscar the Vizsla's reaction in the new video here: http://youtu.be/K4avqgmfmoE. Click to ...

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Dylan - 5 month old Hungarian Vizsla - 30 Day Dog Boot Camp with Adolescent Dogs UK

Adolescent Dogs - Meet Dylan, a 5 month old Hungarian Viszla staying with Head Instructors Mike Newland and Jenny Trigg for a 30 day dog boot camp stay at ...

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Hungarian Vizsla wins Gundog Group Judging (Again!) at Crufts 2010 | Crufts Classics

Subscribe to Crufts: http://bit.ly/CruftsSub Hungarian Vizsla SH CH/AUST CH Hungargunn Bear It'n Mind wins the Gundog Group Judging at Crufts 2010.

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Are you fit enough for a Vizsla ?

The hungarian Vizsla is a very special dog, full of energy and therefore not the easiest one! Please be absolutely sure that you are able to offer him almost all of ...

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Vizsla sleeping, so funny!


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Rhodesian Ridgbeck vs Hungarian vizsla Hifhlights

Rhodesian ridgebacks are loyal, intelligent, and somewhat aloof to strangers. This is not to be confused with aggression; a ridgeback of proper temperament will ...

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Hungarian Vizsla and cats

so it's a scaling-friendly.

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Dream - Hungarian Vizsla


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Sophie - Hungarian Vizsla Puppy - 2 Week Residential Dog Training at Adolescent Dogs

Sophie needed to learn the basic commands, toilet training and how to be left without barking. Trained by Senior Instructor Lyn Newland ...

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14 week old Hungarian Vizsla puppy training 'sit, down, wait, get'

Bessler demonstrated his 'wait'

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Trail Dogs Hungarian Vizsla 2017 | PetsClass Entertainment

Ruby is a 4 year old Hungarian Vizsla. She's been riding trails with Tom since she was a puppy, and she's definitely faster than you are. With a trail dog by your ...

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Poppy (Hungarian Vizsla) Destroying Our Pillow

Caught on #NestCam.

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Hungarian Vizsla Brody training fun at 9 weeks

Working on the \

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Hanna the Vizsla does Vizsla Tricks

My Hungarian Vizsla, Hanna, who is just over 18 months old, doing some tricks, Vizsla-style. A lot of the tricks on this video are Hanna's interpretation of what ...

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Hungarian Vizsla in the park (vizla)

Vizsla running in the park.

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Obi - Hungarian Wirehaired Vizsla Puppy - 2 Weeks Residential Dog Training

12 week old Obi needed to learn general obedience, toilet training, not barking when left/when travelling in the car. Trained by Senior Instructor Emma ...

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Rolo \

Rolo's 1st week at his new home.

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Olive - Hungarian Vizsla - 2 Week Residential Dog Training


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Ollie the Hungarian Vizsla. Port Melbourne, Australia

Ollie, Hungarian Vizsla. September 2015. Slow Motion Video. Port Melbourne, Australia. Music: Keaton Henson - You (cover by Natalie Lungley)

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City Life 2 Hungarian Vizsla (Čilė) - Vilnius


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Jasper the Hungarian vizsla

So after taking Jasper out for a 2 hour walk, getting him home and giving him a shower - he decided to do this!

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